Backtracking: Children’s Fair

Every spring, Grand Beginnings puts on a Children’s Fair. We heard about it last year through Ella’s school and we went again this year. Ella always has a blast as there are so many activities and so many children to see.

Playing in “Gak”
 She made this little hat and then got her face painted.
 Sitting with her friends watching a little play.
 Dragging the bear in to the reading tent.
Fun story: The reading tent is sponsored by the library and each chil is allowed to pick a book to take home with them. When we got home and I emptied Ella’s bag, she had 4! Ha! Crazy kid, loves her some books!
 Ella asked the balloon guy for a “flower princess crown” Ha!
 She LOVED these baby goats!
 Modeling her princess flower crown after her afternoon nap.

2 thoughts on “Backtracking: Children’s Fair

  1. Love the flower princess crown! And that she loves her books! Devon was writing out a list for things to do at the "party" we had last weekend and she wrote down books and then said "because it's not a party without some readies!" True story, Devon!

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