I couldn’t. . . .

make this up if I tried!
Last Monday we were driving to Indiana and decided to stop in St. Louis for lunch. We were out and walking around by the arch having a grand time.

Everything was going well, we were getting ready to walk down the riverfront and head to lunch, when I smelled it, poop! I look down and Aubrey’s leg is COVERED in poop!
Where was her change of clothes? In my backpack, back in the car. Ha! Joke’s on you Mommy! We spot a gift shop and I head in there to see if there’s anything I can change Aubrey in to while Brad is taking Ella to the bathroom. As soon as we check out we find Ella and Brad and I head to the bathroom with Aubrey. Ella wants to come too, no biggie.
I get Aubrey laid out on the changing station and start the bath with wipes and Ella disappears in to a stall. All of a sudden,I hear pee. But not hitting water, hitting the floor. Aubrey is on a table still half covered in poo, and I look over and Ella has herself HALF hoisted up on to a toilet and is peeing across the stall! A huge puddle accumulating on the floor, her pants are soaked. It’s a mess. I finish cleaning Aubrey and get her changed in to her brand spanking new St. Louis onsie and start on Ella. I have Aubrey strapped in the bjorn and tell Ella to come over to me so I can get her cleaned up. She decided she needed her hat off, and drops it. . . in her puddle of pee! Gah! I felt like I was on one of those shows with the hidden cameras, it just didn’t stop!
When I had finally given both girls “wipe baths” and we’d made our way out of the bathroom I get the inquisition from Brad. “Do you know you were in there for 12 minutes?! What were you doing in there?!” Um, did you notice one kid doesn’t have pants on, and she’s NOT the one we were going in there for!
I lived through it! But, Man, seriously?!


Random Thoughts

  • Less than a week until we leave for vacation! I have had ZERO motivation at work this week because of that fact. (as if you couldn’t tell, since I’m actually blogging!)
  • Speaking of blogging, I think I’m finally caught up!
  • I wish we had/could afford a family pass to our Rec center. Ella LOVES going but we don’t go that often. Ella could go to swimming and gymnastics every week, I could work out. It’d be awesome! If only everything in our area weren’t so expensive!
  • Really people?! There, their, they’re. To, too, two. Would, wood. All different words with different meanings! Not interchangeable!
  • My girls, they’re my world!

  • We have SO much cleaning, laundry, packing, to do before we leave! It’s overwhelming!

  • I’ve been watching “The Voice” this season, cannot wait to watch the finale tonight to see who won! Had to DVR it, so I’ve been avoiding all social media so it won’t be spoiled for me. =)
  • I will try to do SO much better to blog while on vacation this year! Wish me luck!

Backtracking: Children’s Fair

Every spring, Grand Beginnings puts on a Children’s Fair. We heard about it last year through Ella’s school and we went again this year. Ella always has a blast as there are so many activities and so many children to see.

Playing in “Gak”
 She made this little hat and then got her face painted.
 Sitting with her friends watching a little play.
 Dragging the bear in to the reading tent.
Fun story: The reading tent is sponsored by the library and each chil is allowed to pick a book to take home with them. When we got home and I emptied Ella’s bag, she had 4! Ha! Crazy kid, loves her some books!
 Ella asked the balloon guy for a “flower princess crown” Ha!
 She LOVED these baby goats!
 Modeling her princess flower crown after her afternoon nap.

Backtracking: The Great Cloth Diaper Change

On April 21st, we got up a little early and got ready to head down to Denver. Aubrey, Ella, and myself picked up Alicia and Kai, and we were off, to the Great Cloth Diaper change! We were going to be record breakers!
We’ve been cloth diapering Ella since she was about 4 months old and we started on Aubrey at about 3 weeks, as soon as we’d run out of diapers that the hospital sent home with us.
It was such a fun time, surrounded by fellow baby wearing, cloth diapering, Mamas. There were tons of raffles, a photo booth, and most of all, babies!
The great Cloth Diaper Change is an event to set the Guiness world record for changing the most babies at one time, in to a cloth diaper. The standing record was 5,026 babies. The final number for this years event aren’t in yet, but I’ve heard they’re sitting at over 8,000 submissions at 305 locations around the WORLD! At our location in Denver there were 257 qualified participants with over 1000 spectators! Ha, who’d ever think of being a spectator at a diaper changing event?!
Unfortunately since Brad couldn’t come, Ella was just a helper, rather than a record breaker. But what a helper she was, she helped keep Aubrey and Kai entertained while we were waiting for the Green light to start changing, and then she was my “Wipe Girl” and did an excellent job at handing me wipes. =)

 Check out all of these babies!

Backtracking: The playground

AKA: the Daddy is now a hero, post.
Before we went and got our taxes done this year, Brad brought up that we should use some of our return to get Ella a play set for the back yard, I was obviously on board.
I wish I had a better “before” picture, but here is Ella helping Daddy prepare the area. (pictue about 5 million weeds, and that is the true before picture.)

Weeds Clear: Check!
Plastic down and border staked: Check, Check!!
Gravel down and assembly beginning: Check!
Full day completing assembly: Check!
The finished product and one VERY happy little girl:

Backtracking: Aubrey’s 2 month well check

On April 3rd we took Aubrey in for her 2 month well check. It was just me and the girls crammed in to a small room. Ella did awesome, just hung out waiting for her turn to be seen. Ella, was into EVERYTHING!
Aubrey weighed in at 10 lbs. 0.1oz, which was the 27th percentile
Was 23″ long, 76th percentile
and I don’t remember the exact head measurement but it was the 59th percentile.
Ella at 2 months was 10lbs 8 oz and 22.5 inches long, 50th percentile for both. So Aubrey is long and lean compared to Ella at that stage.
Aubrey was all happy and smiley until shots. My least favorite part! I dread shots. And to top it off, while she was getting her shots and I had to hold her poor little arms down, Ella was busy pulling the trash bag out of the trash can and there was nothing anyone could do to stop her.
After the 1st shot on the 2nd leg, Aubrey just stopped crying and gave me this look like, “Is this ever going to end?”
I gave her some ty.len.ol when we got home as our neighbors 4 month old was miserable after his 4 month vaccinations. Well, that didn’t help. After about an hour of napping she woke up inconsolable! It was so sad, Ella never had a bad time after shots. Aubrey screamed constantly for about 40 minutes, she didn’t want to nurse, she just wouldn’t calm down. Her poor little thighs. She was like this until the next morning, we had to give her another 2 doses of medicine!
I hope her 4 months vaccines aren’t as rough on her!

Backtracking: Disney on Ice!!

So, this is mainly going to be a picture post! I’m sure that’s what you all want anyway.
On March 30th we went to go see Disney on Ice. Ella was SO excited to go see Mickey, but we were worried with how she would do sitting through the show. We didn’t have to worry, she LOVED it and sat in Daddys lap the whole time!

It was such a cute show! Ella loved it and Aubrey did amazing! Ella now keeps asking us if “when Mickey comes back from his other cities, can we see him again?” Cute!

Oh, Brother!

Back in September when we were getting ready for our 20 week ultrasound the guys at work were taking guesses on what we were having. One of the guys said, “Well, what does Ella say? I figure they’ve all met in heaven before any of them are born, so they know what’s coming.”
That being said, Ella brings up her “little brother” at least once a day. A couple of my favorite mentions of said brother:
Last Sunday Ella woke up at 4:30, yes, in the morning. Brad got up and went back to her bed with her and they went to sleep. At about 8:30 I went in to take a picture (because it was too cute!)

and the flash woke Ella up. I had Aubrey with me so we were all sitting on her bed and she looks at me and Brad and says, “I love Aubrey and my little brother.” I haven’t seen Brads jaw drop that fast in a while.
And then on Wednesday we were at home and Ella took her shoes and socks off and starts playing this little piggie. The Exception? “This piggy is Daddy and this one is Mommy. This piggy is Ella, this piggy is Aubrey, and the little piggy that goes ‘Wee, Wee’, is my little brother”