Backtracking: Acid Reflux

When we took Aubrey for her 2 week appointment, I mentioned that she had been spitting up quite a bit. They asked if she was fussy at all, and at the time, she was not. At 1 month we took her for a weight check and she was gaining weight, a little fussing when she would spit up but still gaining so they were not concerned. A week and a half before she turned 2 months old, I couldn’t take it anymore. She was constantly screaming when she would spit up, always acting like she was in pain, and would arch away from me at bedtime when it was time to nurse. I felt so bad for my poor baby girl!
When I took her to the Dr. they said it sounded like she had Colic as well as acid reflux. Awesome. My poor kid! They wrote us a prescription for Prevacid but warned us that out insurance might not cover it.
We immediately went to get the prescription filled and to our surprise, insurance covered it 100%! That first night she slept 7 hours straight, no screaming, no puking, nothing! Since then we’ve had our ups and downs, good days with less puking, bad days with a lot of puking. But, overall she is a much happier baby now! I even got my first giggle out of her the other night, too cute!
Recently, she has started spitting up more often on a more regular basis, I think next week when I’m away from work (since daycare is closed!) I’ll take her in for a weight check just to make sure she’s still gaining well and maybe bring up that she’s puking more often and see if they want to change her doseage at all.
It seems like a lot of babies born recently have been diagnosed with reflux, weird. And I was so spoiled from Ella being an EASY baby that I never imagined Aubrey would have to deal with this.
Like I said, she’s feeling so much better though. Thank goodness!
And, what post is any fun without pictures?

The girls rocking their leopard print. =)

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