Backtracking: Ella’s 2 year well check

On February 7th (Daddy’s Birthday!) we did a lot. Ella took Ning Ning down to the airport so she could go home, and while she was there she picked up Mamaw. =) When they got back home it was time for Ella’s nap so we could head to her 2 year Well check and Aubrey’s bili check.
Ella clocked in at 33 1/2 inches tall (43rd percentile), and 24 lbs 4 oz. (18th percentile). We were so excited! At her 18 month well check she was in the 3rd percentile for weight, she jumped 15%!
The most exciting part for her? She didn’t need any shots, but Daddy did. Haha! He had to get his DTaP vaccine. She thought that was funny!
Here are a couple of pics of her from the night before, and then that evening holding her baby sister!
Sorry for the blurriness of these first 2, Ella found these glasses at the store and LOVED them, but, she wasn’t going to stand still for pictures.


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