I didn’t want to get too far behind (I know, I am already 2 months behind! Ha!) So I wanted to post some pictures from Easter before I continued back tracking.

 Aubrey’s Easter Basket
 Ella’s Easter Basket (stroller, etc! Ha!)

 The Easter Bunny left some eggs!

After hunting for Easter Eggs, we had a mini phone photo shoot. =)
First up: The obligatory Bunny Ears. =)
 Followed By: Their Easter Top Hats that Ning Ning made them

 And how did Daddy spend the rest of his day? Why, putting together Ella’s playground, of course!

That night we had our good friends/neighbors over for Easter dinner! We had an amazing day together (and only had to watch the chipmunks movie 3 times during the day! a 4th time the next morning to make it 4 times in 24 hours! Ha!)

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