I’ll fill in the whole story later, but Aubrey is starting to feel better. So good that she will unlatch in the middle of nursing to smile at me. She ends up looking like this and I end up soaked. Haha!!


Backtracking: Aubrey’s Dr.’s Appointments

So, this post might not be all that interesting for everyone reading this, but I want to remember everything.
We were discharged from the hospital on February 6th. The first stop we made was to Aubrey’s pediatrician to check her oxygen level (living in the Mountains, this is standard practice). They like to check it while they are either sleeping or nursing to get an accurate reading. Aubrey had slept the whole way from Denver and over the pass so she wouldn’t sleep, but she was more than ready to eat. I was so excited when the alarm never went off, her numbers were 92-94% while nursing. (anything under 90% requires oxygen, Ella was at 88-89% for 3 weeks!) No oxygen for Aubrey! Well, since she was jaundice we had to bring her in the next day to check her bilirubin levels, they ended up being 11.4 (they were 12.9 when we were discharged from the hospital) and since we were there they wanted to check her oxygen levels again just in case. Well, she didn’t want to eat or sleep so they took them while she was awake, 99-100%!! They said they hadn’t seen a baby with oxygen levels that high in years. Woo Hoo! My little over achiever! She had also gained 2 oz since discharge the day before. The only down side to this appointment was that we brought the paper for her follow up PKU’s (meant for her 2 week appointment) and they said they would keep it since parents tend to forget at the 2 week. Well, not 5 minutes later they’re pricking her heel and drawing blood, and all we got was a “Woops!” Ticked me off, so she had to do them again at her 2 week appointment since they’d done them this time for no reason.
At her 2 week appointment she weighed in at 7 lbs 13.6 oz. Not quite at her birth weight, and her bilirubin number had stayed the same. We decided to make a one month appointment just to do a weight check since she wasn’t quite up to her 8 lb birth weight yet. Well when we went to her appointment at 1 month she was up to 8 lbs. 8 oz, so a gain of .75 ounces a day. Yay! They “reccomend” that babies gain an ounce a day, but I brought up that she is quite the spitter so they were happy with .75 ounces. They think she might have acid reflux which I am starting to agree with. Even if I hold her upright for half an hour after eating (Dr. fix) she still spits up half the time and she is starting to get very uncomfortable & fussy after eating. So, it looks like prilosec is in our future.
Anyway, since you’ve read my novel about 4 trips to the Dr. I’ll give you some flashback photos. =)