Backtracking: Ella’s Birthday!

Ella’s birthday was great! She was so excited since she had been telling us that her “birthday was coming up” for weeks! Brad had to work that morning so she got to open a couple of gifts before he got home….

 After Brad got home from work we went out to breakfast  before returning home to open the rest of her birthday gifts and to get everything for the hosptal packed!!

Once the van was loaded up we headed down to the Children’s Museum! To say that Ella had  BLAST would be an understatement!

For Ella’s birthday dinner we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory where we got to sit at a table in one of the Trollys, Ella thought that was awesome, then a lady came around and made her a balloon flower, which was even more awesome. And THEN, she got ice cream for dessert, the kid was excited! Bed time was rough for me, I was quite emotional that Ella wasn’t going to be my baby anymore, but we got through it. Overall I think she had an AMAZING birthday. I Love my little 2 year old!!


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