Backtracking: Ella’s Birthday Party!

On Wednesday, February 1st, we had a small dinner for Ella for her birthday. We just had some of her best friends from the neighborhood come over and we did dinner and cupcakes. Ella’s birthday is the 2nd and her good friend Rowan turned 2 just a day later, so the party was for both of them.
It was so cute watching Ella play with all of her buddies, and I liked that we got to celebrate her birthday before Aubrey made her debut.

Here is everyone checking out baby Kai, he was the entertainment for the first part of the evening, all of these kids LOVE babies!
 After dinner we had to do cupcakes, Rowan was mildly confused as to what to do with the fire, Ella blew out her candles and then blew Rowans out too.

 “Was I not supposed to do that?”
 These two are too cute together, they talk about each other all the time.
 And, what good is a birthday without a birthday kiss?
 Check out these cupcake faces!

 And they each opened one gift at the party, the ones from each other. They had to have something to open on their birthdays. =)

All in all we had a great night. Ella and Rowan did not want to leave each other, they really are too cute!

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