Backtracking: Ella’s Birthday!

Ella’s birthday was great! She was so excited since she had been telling us that her “birthday was coming up” for weeks! Brad had to work that morning so she got to open a couple of gifts before he got home….

 After Brad got home from work we went out to breakfast  before returning home to open the rest of her birthday gifts and to get everything for the hosptal packed!!

Once the van was loaded up we headed down to the Children’s Museum! To say that Ella had  BLAST would be an understatement!

For Ella’s birthday dinner we went to the Old Spaghetti Factory where we got to sit at a table in one of the Trollys, Ella thought that was awesome, then a lady came around and made her a balloon flower, which was even more awesome. And THEN, she got ice cream for dessert, the kid was excited! Bed time was rough for me, I was quite emotional that Ella wasn’t going to be my baby anymore, but we got through it. Overall I think she had an AMAZING birthday. I Love my little 2 year old!!


I’m trying!

I am trying to sit down and give real updates, but blogger will not cooperate today! I am not able to upload photos! I WILL try again later today or tomorrow. In the mean time, I leave you with this little tidbit.
Last night we were all in the living room/kitchen area and Brad was making dinner. He chose that time to pass gas, I turned to Ella and said, “Ella, Daddy is a stinky, stinky man.” to which she responds, “I’m a stinky man too!” I almost dieid laughing. Love that kid!

Backtracking: Ella’s Birthday Party!

On Wednesday, February 1st, we had a small dinner for Ella for her birthday. We just had some of her best friends from the neighborhood come over and we did dinner and cupcakes. Ella’s birthday is the 2nd and her good friend Rowan turned 2 just a day later, so the party was for both of them.
It was so cute watching Ella play with all of her buddies, and I liked that we got to celebrate her birthday before Aubrey made her debut.

Here is everyone checking out baby Kai, he was the entertainment for the first part of the evening, all of these kids LOVE babies!
 After dinner we had to do cupcakes, Rowan was mildly confused as to what to do with the fire, Ella blew out her candles and then blew Rowans out too.

 “Was I not supposed to do that?”
 These two are too cute together, they talk about each other all the time.
 And, what good is a birthday without a birthday kiss?
 Check out these cupcake faces!

 And they each opened one gift at the party, the ones from each other. They had to have something to open on their birthdays. =)

All in all we had a great night. Ella and Rowan did not want to leave each other, they really are too cute!


Very soon I will begin back tracking. I need to post about Ella’s birthday party, her actual birthday, and Aubrey’s first Dr.’s appointment.
Look for those coming out over the next few days. For now, I’m enjoying EVERY second with my two girls!!

Aubrey Elizabeth

She’s here! On Thursday afternoon we headed down to the city so that we could do something fun with Ella for her birthday and also beat this crazy blizzard that had all of Denver terrified. We spent the afternoon running around crazy at the Children’s Museum and then took Ella out to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory. The best part of the night was after the waiters and waitresses had sung Ella Happy Birthday, she was so delighted that she kept telling us; “Those girls sang Happy Birthday to Ella” over and over.
We then went back to our hotel where I once again ecplained to Ella that when she woke up in the morning that Daddy and Mommy wouldn’t be there, it would be her and Ning Ning until Daddy came back to get them to come meet baby Aubrey. She took it well until bed time and then the trouble began. She would run around throwing things on the floor, and just getting in to everything. Brad and I both tried getting her in to the bed with us to calm her down, but she was NOT having it. To say that Mommy had a little bit of a hormonal break down might be a bit of an understatement. I st on the floor with her and cried while asking myself what I was doing to my little girl, by rocking her world like this. Anyway, she finally went to sleep at abou 10 PM. I on the other hand was wide awake until 2 am and then woke up at 4 to get ready to head to the hospital. I was EXHAUSTED!
We made it to the hospital about 20 minutes early, it was nice because we got all of the admissions work out of the way and we able to just relx with each other before all of the craziness began. At about 7:35 we started back to the OR, it was a whole new thing to be able to walk into the opeating room myself. We got started right away when I got there, I climbed up on the table, got my shot in the back, and watched happily as Brad made his way in to the room to sit by my head. They set the drape and all of a sudden I hear “time of incision, 8:03”. Wait, what now. Ha, the surgery had started. Brad made the comment that he’d already watched all the way through one of these and he preferred to stay sitting this time. =)
After what seemed like forever I heard my Dr. say ” I was wrong, this is going to be a big Baby”, a couple of minutes later I heard them as for the vaccuum, at this point I was wondering just how big this baby was, haha. After a LOT of pressure I heard “She has a full head of hair, like her sister” and then I heard the most beautiful sound, she cried right off the bat. Followed by “8:11 A.M.”, They held her up to show me before taking her to the table to warm her up and she looked SO much like Ella when she was a newborn. Brad got to trim down the cord and then they weighed her, 8 lbs even. I couldn’t believe it, how big would she have been if we’d waited longer then we had for the c-section, or if I’d decided on a VBAC and we’d let her come on her own. (This actually very likely could have been Friday anyway, I was having somewhat painful contractions every 3 1/2 minutes while hooked up to the monitors.)
After I got all sewn up and everything back in where it was supposed to be, I had my hour in recovery where they brought my new little girl to me, and just like Ella, she latched like a pro and is a great nurser.
When we got back to our L&D room, Brad left to go pick up Ella and my Mom. Before they got back the nursery staff took Aubrey to get her first bath, so when Ella walked in the room, she was somewhat thrilled to see me but immediately asked, “Where’s my baby?”. Haha, I had Brad walk her down to the nursery to see her and she came back SO excited.
It has been such an amazing couple of days. Ella adores Aubrey and I know that as soon as Aubrey realizes that Ella exists, the feeling will be mutual. My heart is running over with love for my little family.

 My world!

The only downfall that we’ve had to endure is a mild case of Jundice. We thought we’d be getting busted loose today, but Aubrey’s bilirubin numbers had gone up, so she has to stay under the lights for 24 hours. In about 2 1/2 hours they’ll be checking her levels again and then another time in the morning. We have everything else done that needs to be done, so as soon as these tests come back, we’ll be on our way home.