Our New Years Weekend. . .all about Ella =)

Our New years Weekend started off with a bang. Friday night Ella woke up about 45 minutes after we put her to bed, I was able to rock her right back to sleep and thought “What a fluke”. Boy was I wrong, We were up again at 11:30 where she had a fever of 100.4 (She usually runs at about 97.2 and has NEVER been over 99.5!!!) So I gave her some tylenol and we were both back in our respective beds at about 12:30, we were up again at 1:30, 3:45, and she was up for the day at 5. I took her temp and she was at about 98.5 so I thought all was well, she was ready to come to work with me that day anyway so we got everything together and headed on our way.
She was acting normal until right about 9:30 when she just sat down in a chair and started shivering, I took her temp. 101.9, yikes! I called Brad right away and he came down off the mountain and took her over to the clinic at the base to get checked out. Strep Test – Negative, both ears looked perfect. Just a yucky old Viral infection! I stayed at work while Brad went home with her.
Saturday night she went to bed by 7 pm (bed time is 8) but she was up at 5:45 the next morning, I put on some cartoons for her because she was burning up and miserable and we started our every 3 hour tylenol/ibuprofen regimen that we were told to do. At about 7:30 Brad sent me this picture

With the message, “First Sunrise of 2012”, I look over to show Ella the picture that Brad had sent and I saw this

Poor girl had just passed out in the chair, this continued all day. We’d be playing, eating, just hanging out, reading a story, and she would just fall asleep.
By Monday she was still hovering right around 100 so we decided to continue the medicine dosages we were told to do until she came back down to her normal. We had an almost normal day, just a bit fussy when it got towards the 3 hour mark and her temp would start CREEPING back up. But that night she was back to the exhausted not feeling well stage.

She crawled up in my lap while I was watching a football game and just went to sleep (and so did Rocky obviously).
The next day she was at 99.9 when she woke up which was the lowest she had been since Friday night (She had been back at 101 when waking up on Sunday & Monday morning) so we decided to just do a dose of tylenol every 6 hours instead of throwing some ibuprofen in, in between. Well, her fever finally broke Tuesday night! Thank Goodness! 4 days of 100+ degree fever was not a fun time for her! Poor Kid!
Anyway, on to happier things! On Tuesday night Brad was getting her dressed for bed and I went to the kitchen to get her milk and her vitamin. When I came back in Brad goes “Tell Mommy What you Said” and Ella got pretty quiet and just smiled so Brad says “Well, I can tell her but it might make her cry” and I’m thinking, oh lord, my child just let out a slew of cuss words (or something equally as horrible) and then brad goes on to tell me that when I left the room Ella asked where I went and he told her I had gone to go get her milk. She got quiet for a minute, looked up at him and said “I love her!” OMG, I did cry, that kid is so sweet sometimes!
Here is the way that our sunroom looks now that it is Ella’s kitchen:

 So you’ll often see this site, she likes to play IN her bin of play food.

She also likes to stack it, so you’ll often walk around the house and find little stacks of play food.

And now for some fun, the musical talents of my child. =)

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