Random thoughts from yesterday

  • Yesterday we set out on a mission to get a dresser for the girls room and a big girl bed for Ella. We accomplished 50% of this and came home with a dresser. (See next bullet point on the bed situation)
  • We went to Ikea to find these things. I LOVED almost everything that I saw in that store but I HATED their pricing structure. They couldn’t just put up “this costs this much for the whole set” No! So even when we started out thinking we were going the cheap option it would have been WAY too much for us to be comfortable with. And that was settling. For the bed that I LOVED (with drawers underneath for storage) It was $399 for just the frame, then you had to buy the slats, and then the mattress, and then the pillowtop so that it would fit right. Not what we were anticipating, so, we keep shopping!
  • On our way to Ikea we witnessed a car accident. We were getting off of highway 6 and getting on the exit ramp for I-25, this idiot driver comes FLYING around us an is exiting north bound, he decides that the person in front of him wasn’t going fast enough (they were both going WAY too fast for an exit ramp) and decides to gun it right at an icy puddle. We watched his rear end spin around in to the right lane, he completely lost control and we thought he was going to take the guy in front of him out too, luckily for that innocent bystander he missed him but he then went back across the left lane and HEAD on in to the concrete barrier. Thank the good lord we were going South bound or else we could have been involved also. After we composed ourselves Brad call 911 and was able to get some help on its way.
  • We ran a few other errands in the same general vicinity as the Ikea store and when we were leaving I swear I heard angels singing, only to look over and see a STEAK N’ SHAKE! (It’s on South Quebec in Centennial) OMG, Colorado friends, if you’ve never been to one in the midwest, do yourself a favor and go! We will be going back down there soon! Too bad it wasn’t dinner time yet! It’s the only one in the state! And I’m just going to say, Frisco Melt and Cheese Fries. That is all.
  • On our way back home we stopped at a little BBQ place in Idaho Springs, Fried Okra! Yum!
  • This post seems to have turned very food related, so I’m going to stop before I get really hungry and eat dumb things.
  • Ha! How’s that for random?! 

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