Things I Don’t Want To Forget – Christmas Time Edition

Really, this is just one thing that I found hilarious and had to post so I wouldn’t forget.
Wednesdays are Brad and Ella’s day home together. I got home from work on Wednesday and Ella was up in her high chair eating a snack. I walked over, gave her a kiss on the head and she looks up at me, smiles, and says “Mommy! Dlkugflug asdluisdgf asdl;ufhfg asdui;sdgf gufg;obcv o;udfg df;oug gruio;eiudfbglibgf CHRISTMAS!” I had NO CLUE what she was trying to tell me. All I got out of it was Mommy, and Christmas and the rest she was talking so fast and so all over the place that I got none of it. Brad and I just looked at each other and laughed. When she was done with her snack and getting down she grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the tree. She and Brad had wrapped all of my gifts that day and that’s what she was so excited to tell me, I had Christmas presents under the tree and she was SO proud of herself for helping Daddy wrap them! Too cute!
And what post is complete without some pictures? One of her teachers comes over and watches her on Saturdays while Brad and I work, well yesterday I went to pick Ella up from school and she had a gift in her cubby from this teacher. I let Ella open it after dinner since she was so excited that “My Shannon” had gotten her a present. She got a Mrs. Potato Head with all kinds of accessories, her favorite accessories? Well, see for yourself.


One thought on “Things I Don’t Want To Forget – Christmas Time Edition

  1. I love seeing all your pictures of Ella. And soon, Aubrey!And about spoiling your kiddo on Christmas? We went overboard big time even though we hadn't planned to. Oh well. They are only little once!

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