The Stockings Were Hung. . . .

Over the Window with Care.
Ha, we don’t have a tradtional fireplace with a mantal, so our stockings are hung above our living room window. We finally got the custom ones that I ordered for our family and I LOVE them!

 Aubrey’s for next year!

Ella gets so excited every time she sees her stocking. She’ll tell you “that’s my stocking! Wanna hold it!” So we have to remind her that it has to stay hung until Santa fills it on Christmas Eve. Otherwise, she’d be carrying that thing around all day and sleeping with it, she LOVES it.
This week we opened a box from Mamaw and Mommy wasn’t fast enough hiding one of the things to go in Ella’s stocking. What was it? Maybe this photo will help

Big girl Undies! And it was love at first site. All she wanted to do that night was pull them up and down, try to put on all 3 pairs at once, and go to the potty by herself. It was a battle convincing her that she had to sleep in a diaper still.
Last night as daddy was getting Ella’s bath water ready, she wanted in my lap, I was about to fall asleep so she joined me, Brad caught it on film, this is her favorite way to spend time with her baby sister.

And, on Thursday night, Ella’s school had their Christmas Party. She freaked a little when Santa first came in the room, but they all did. But, once one little girl had gone up and Ella saw that she got a gift, she was next in line. She wouldn’t sit on his lap but she went up with me. (Forgive my husband for not understanding how to take pictures of events such as this.)

 And here she is going to tell him Thank You when he was leaving.

One of her teachers was sitting ground level in front of us taking pictures, so hopefully we’ll get an e-mail soon full of those gems. He said he got some great faces from Ella. Haha
And lastly, last night when we were leaving school, I checked out the Toddler room craft board and had to take a picture of Ella’s hand print Reindeer, too cute! those tiny hands! (Sorry for the crappy phone photo, the lighting in the hallway sucks!)


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