Our Weekend

This really isn’t ALL that late seeing as how my weekend is Sun-Tuesday. Haha.
Ella and I had a quiet day by ourselves on Sunday just hanging out and playing before we had the neighbors over for dinner. Monday though was a BUSY day! We had my Dr.’s appointment and of course Ella had wanted to go see Santa (you all know how that turned out) and then we ran some errands. But, before we left for the appointment Brad tried to convince Ella we needed to trim her bangs, she wasn’t having it. She ASKED to see her bangs so we took this lovely Photo:

To which she promptly responded “Nope.” I wasn’t about to wield a pair of scissors by the eyes of my head shaking toddler, Ella 1 – Mommy & Daddy 0.
But then she wanted to take her bath and get dressed for Santa. She chose her Christmas Card Dress.

First up was our Dr.’s appt and Ella clapped and said “Yay!” when we listened to the heartbeat, too cute! Brad went kind of crazy picking out things for Ella for Christmas but one thing she ended up with at the end of a (VERY!) long shopping day was this back pack, which was not able to be hidden because kid is addicted!

I love her bib “cape” in this picture! Anyway, like I said, she loves it, it goes everywhere with us (Sorry Papaw, this one won’t be wrapped, but she loves the gift anyway!)
Tuesday we had to take Cassidy to the vet and all I can say is Hallelujah! Her “Tumor” from a couple of months ago” SO not a tumor! It is swelling due to infection from our other dog licking her all the time! So, Cass is on antibiotics and Cody is going to get smacked if he touches her. Ha! They also put her on a Thyroid medicine and after only 1 dose, she was a new dog! I cannot wait to see how this affects her!
Tuesday evening was Lazy! Ella and Daddy did a puzzle while I made dinner:

Then, while we were getting the Ella’s plate ready we look over to find her like this. . . . .

Watching this. . . . . . .

Oh yeah! I knew she loved football, but who knew she’d be so intrigued by college basketball? Nice! But then, as soon as I took her picture she went in to photo mode and wanted another one!

We decided to go nuts and have ice cream for dessert (oh yeah, we’re crazy like that!) and we let Ella have her own bowl. She was so proud of herself but wanted to sit with Daddy to eat it. I love that!
A very good weekend indeed!
And now, just for fun, I have to share that my pregnant self is a total addict when it comes to these!
YUM! These are amazeballs! That is all. =)


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