My Loss is your gain! :::Shutterfly Gift Cards::: Giveaway!

Any of you who are pregnant or who have recently been pregnant know that when you order from Motherhood that they always send you a little packet full of samples, even if your order comes in more than one shipment, you get a packet in each one. Included in these packets are cards for Shutterfly that are worth a $20 credit, awesome-sauce right! Well, I had a couple of orders that were sent in about 3 different shipments each.

My point being, even with ordering Christmas cards and birth announcements in the next few months, there is NO way I will use them all. So, if you want a $20 credit to shutterfly to use towards your Christmas cards, leave me a comment and let me know your favorite Christmas/Holiday tradition. On Tuesday I will put all of your names in a hat and Ella will pull the winners! I have at least 5 if not 6 that I won’t be using! So there will be 5 or 6 winners!
Please leave your comments by NOON on Tuesday the 15th. We are Mountain time (2 hours behind the East Coast, 1 hour behind Central, 1 hour ahead of the west coast) so by Noon mountain time!

Good luck to everyone and I will video or photograph Ella pulling the winners and post them Tuesday afternoon!


7 thoughts on “My Loss is your gain! :::Shutterfly Gift Cards::: Giveaway!

  1. Heck yeah! I'd love that!Favorite Christmas tradition: I think I love Christmas Eve more than Christmas morning. We have a feast, drink wine, impromptu dance parties (probably due to the wine), and spend time with the family. Love it!

  2. That would be great!! I use Shutterfly for everything!My favorite Christmas tradition is coming home from Christmas Eve service, cooking a huge dinner together, and then opening up our gifts from the family. We have eaten the same meal for 17 years!! We're big on traditions 😉

  3. me me me!! and OMG I cannot believe how insane the wind was for you guys! It was bad down here, but not that bad!! Christmas tradition: going to cut down our own Christmas Tree from mother nature. The donation we make is for the Boy Scouts.

  4. yea! I need them for an 80+ page photo book i've been working on!I love christmas morning casserole breakfast in our PJ's… but i think Elf on the Shelf will become my favorite!

  5. Shutterfly is the best (and so are Christmas cards!)My absolute favorite holiday tradition (besides sending Christmas cards, WebUndies, etc- there are SO many!) is homemade stockings. Every time a new little one is brought into my side of the family- they are made their own stocking to match the rest of the family. Even the dogs and cats got their own stockings! LOL! And everyone gets a new stuffed animal in the top to match some hilarious happening from the previous year (Ie. Dan's Harry Potter ravings landed him a "pet rat" just like Ron's one year!). Anyway… hoping the wind settles down for you soon. We are getting a bit of it over this way too! Yikes!

  6. Yeehaw! I love Shutterfly! They were awesome last year when I pulled a last minute family photo op for Christmas cards, and shipped right away! As for traditions, we do double duty celebrating Chanukah as well as Christmas, since my hubby's Jewish. We have our nightly lighting of the menorah, and blessings with prayers. I love now that our oldest boy can teach our youngest boy all the prayers!

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