And. . . . . . .Go!

Phew, again, sorry that I was completely MIA last week, life was stressing me out and on top of that I was interviewing candidates to be my replacement while on Maternity leave and then had to fight with my bosses about who I thought was best. Gotta love the good ol boy system when you’re not one of them.
Anyway, I’m back! Last week at my Dr.’s appointment I was up 17 lbs (gulp!) total got to take my glucose test. I haven’t heard anything back yet so I am hopeful that no news is good news and I passed.
Before that was Halloween, here are a few pictures of my little cupcake.

But what is Halloween without carving a few pumpkins? Ella LOVED our pumpkins and wanted more when we were done carving our two. She just didn’t like touching the pumpkin guts, “yuck Mommy!”

Let’s see, what else has happened. Oh, we are in to the double digits in the pregnancy countdown! As of today it’s only 92 days to go! And, Ella turned 21 months old on the 2nd! Gulp! How is she only 3 months away from turning 2 already! And that means that in 3 months I will have 2 children! Wow, things change in the blink of an eye.
One huge thing we did was purchase another car this past weekend! We got screwed over by a dealer and they sold the van that we loved right out from under us, any of my Colorado readers do NOT buy from Ralph Schomp Honda Mini on South Broadway! They do not care about customers!

Anyway, we ended up buying a Dodge Grand Caravan, so now we are the proud owners of 2 family cars. Haha.
Oh yes, that very night when we got home with it we put on our Memorial Dan Wheldon sticker, now it matches the Subi. =)
That about catches things up, I will be back tomorrow with my hump day bump day post! I’ll leave you with a cute picture of my kid while we were out car shopping. =)

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