The awesome anniversary gift and the first sleepover!

So, for our 5 year wedding anniversary Brad got me tickets to go see Jason Aldean. :::Squeal::: I was so excited! Last Friday (the 21st) was the big day. Brad left work early and we got Ella all ready to go for her first sleepover. All day she kept telling me that she was going to dinner with “yacky (Zachy), Josie, Sam, & Rachel!” Brad and I had been preparing her for a few days that she was going to sleep there and play with them all night. When it came time to drop her off, we had no problems at all. She was off playing with Josie and Zach already and so Brad and I were able to sneak out unnoticed.
We then headed over the pass and our first stop was Tommyknockers for dinner. If you haven’t been there, they have the most amazing Fish & Chips, Yum! And then we were headed down to the Pepsi Center for the show. We pulled in to our favorite “stash” [arking lot at 7:15 and it was EMPTY, I was shocked. So we were able to walk right across to the Pepsi Center and get right in. We walked in just as Thompson Square started their first song. They are so cute and they put on a really good show. I didn’t get my camera out while they were on stage and I could kick myself because they had the cutest set.
Next up was Chris Young,

 I love his songs so I was excited to see him. He sings very well live but he’s not the best “Performer” It’s like he tries too hard, but he was still nice to see. I liked him.
Then, it was finally time for Jason! O.M.G. He puts on an AMAZING show! He did songs from all of his albums, not just the more recent ones, which I was VERY happy about. He got the crowd going and just genuinely looked like he was enjoying putting on the show as much as I was enjoying watching him.

Brad thought the crowd was a little lame but he enjyed the performance, although I don’t think appreciated how sexy Jason Aldean is it as much as I did. If you like Jason’s music at all, go see him if you get the chance! I LOVED it!
We got home at about 1 AM (Yes, I was DEAD on my feet as that’s about 4 hours after my normal bed time) and we actually slept until 8:30. When we went to pick Ella up she did not want to go, Ha! I was afraid of that, I can just hear the thoughts in her head “Are you kidding, there are 3 of my friends here, I. AM. NOT. LEAVING.” I’m so glad she had fun, and THANK YOU SO MUCH Rachel for watching my kid as well as your own! She had a blast!


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