Going to the Pumpkin Patch!

Last Sunday (think, last, last Sunday, the 16th) we went to the Pumpkin Patch while we were back home. For any of my Indiana peeps, you should absolutely check it out, amazing!
We go to Lark Ranch down in Loogootee. My mom and sisters have been going for years and taking my niece and nephew. This year though with everything going on the weekend we were home it was just My Mom, Sister, her boyfriend, Ella, and myself. Brad and his Mom came down for a bit but Brad had plans for the afternoon so he didn’t make it the whole day.
We got there before they opened, ha of course, but they were nice enough to let us go in and look at the animals until they opened. Ella, had to show all of the animals her belly, it was hillarious!

We then headed down to check out the tractors and it was about time to say bye to Daddy and Mamaw.

As soon as they officially opened and we could do the extras Ella very much wanted to ride a Pony. So, she did.

She really did not want my help at all, then we headed down to the bounce house and the corn box.

Then of course, we checked out the GINORMO slide about 20 times.

By this point Ella was READY for another Pony ride.

Then we mined for rocks and uncovered fossils

It was then about time for a little something called, Hay Ride to the Pumpkin Patch. Ella LOVED it!

We then took a turn driving the “Pumpkin Car Train” (Ella’s term)

I was shocked, SHOCKED, that she rode in this ride and didn’t once freak out. The car started driving and she just went along with it, wasn’t upset, loved it.
By then it was time for Pony ride #3, also known as, “I’m 20 months old Mom, I need my independence”

“I ride it myself. No touch Mommy!”
Then it was time to get this crazy tired toddler in the car so she could go down for a nap before my birthday party. Where she then climbed the walls:


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