Saturday morning we woke up to snow and it continued through the day. Ella LOVED it and was so amazed when we went out to breakfast that she could actually touch it. She kept staring out the window at breakfast saying “pretty snow!” and we told her that after nap time later that we could get her dressed and she could go out in it.
It was a hit! I don’t think that Brad will have any trouble getting her on skis this winter. =)

After her time in the snow she wanted to go inside for “mallows” aka, hot chocolate and marshmallows.

She was WIPED out! But, she recovered just in time for hockey! Opening night for the Avs and she was game ready!

And then later that night she found a new game that she loved, the laundry basket game.

Not sure what time my “Hump Day Bump Day” post will be up tomorrow as we fly to Indiana in the morning and then it will be a busy day! I’ll see if I can get Brad to take a picture tonight so it will be a little easier to get done. =0)

2 thoughts on “Snow!

  1. How Fun!! We need to get some boots for Logan and then he's otherwise set for snow! We didn't get any down here but it did rain all day long on Saturday. Wet and cold!

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