Another Whirlwind Weekend!

We had an awesome time this weekend! We packed so much in that I only took 2 pictures all weekend long!
Friday morning we did our usual play date at the park. After about 2 hours we just headed to the grocery store so we could get everything that I needed for our ladies & children dinner. Haha. The boys had already planned to head out to the bar that night so we just got together ourselves. Ella was so excited! She kept telling me all day that Addyson was coming over!
For dinner we tried a new recipe that I found online and it was AMAZING! Chicken, Spinach, and Portabello lasagna! OMG, yum! The best part, it was made with ALL low fat ingredients. It was amazing, between 3 ladies and 4 small children (who didn’t eat much) we polished off all of it. Haha
Saturday, we were lazy for a bit and Brad went out to breakfast. How do you know Brad was still drunk? He ordered a Mimosa of course! (For those of you that don’t know Brad, he HATES champagne and makes fun of me for my love of Mimosas!)

Brad was quite hungover and being a LOT little obnoxious after breakfast so Ella and I packed up and headed down to Denver to run some errands and pick up some things that we needed to make our house run more organized! Ella loves shopping and just being out saying hi to people. My little Social Butterfly. you could tell she was exhausted though. She slept until 8 that morning and before we had even reached the top of the pass (at about 11:15) she was OUT!
Anyway, we ran our errands and made it home in time for Brad to make me dinner and then Brad took over Bed time so that I could go with some friends to see The.Help. It was awesome!
Sunday was Sunday Fun Day! We had some friends over to grill, play some corn hole, and of course Watch Football! First off, can I just say Go Lions?! Holy Monkies, 4-0! And secondly, Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies! Woah! You’ll thank me!
Anyway, during a game of corn hole we were trying to show Ella and Kasen to stay out of the way, here is Darren teaching them to stay low to the ground and watch for the bags.

Sunday night after everyone had gone home, Ella was sitting up next to me when Aubrey started kicking like crazy. I put her hand on my belly and she felt a kick and actually knew what it was. It was adorable her eyes got hugs and she says “Awww, Aub-ey. Baby Sister!” Then she leaned down and put her head on my belly before popping up and saying (while signing) “More! More Aub-ey” CUTE! So yes, we had a amazing weekend, yet again! Now I can’t wait for next weekend! A lot of closet organizing, Garage Sale Sorting, and packing for our trip home next week!


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