Random Thoughts. . . . .

just a few very random things swirling around in my brain!

  • BRAD GOT TO FEEL THE BABY LAST NIGHT! I was laying in bed reading and she was going nuts! Brad got in bed and I scooted over closer to him and put his hand on my belly, my little bit of movement made her stop. I told him, leave your hand there or you’ll be sorry. After about 30 seconds she started going crazy in there again and he got to feel kicks, twists, punches, rolls, for about 5 minutes before she settled back down! yay!
  • I ordered Brad’s anniversary gift on Tuesday. I HOPE that it gets here on time (our anniversary is the 7th) because I had to fax in my order since their website was acting up.
  • I would love to recreate our wedding cake (well, the flavor at least) for our anniversary dinner. We had a pumpkin spice cake.
  • There is a problem with this. Our wonderful Safe.way does not sell pumpkin until just before Thanksgiving! Stupid!
  • We had Pot Roast for dinner last night, it was delicious!
  • I have been thinking of ways to make sharing a bedroom easier once we transition the new baby in to Ella’s room. Well, I want to put a dresser in their closet for more clothing storage, and I am in LOVE with this one!
  • My Sister in Law and I have been talking about her and my Brother In Law coming out to visit for Thanksgiving. They bought their tickets last week so it’s now official! I’m so excited and cannot wait for them to come out!
  • We are done nursing! Ella stopped about 2 weeks ago so we made it to 19 1/2 months! I’m so glad that we lasted as long as we did and I’m also glad that I get my boobs back for a little bit before “A” makes her arrival. Although, for my glorious one week of being dry (there was pretty much nothing left when Ella decided to quit) I am leaking already in preperation for “A”! Agh!
  • Ella goes to gymnastics with school once a week and LOVES it! She comes home and tells us about her teacher at gymnastics and singing the songs for the games they play, and tells us about “pa-shoowt” time (parachute time). Here are a few pictures we’ve gotten from her teachers.
  • Again this morning when i dropped Ella off her newest teacher was telling me how amazing her vocabulary was compared to the 2 years olds. I tell her how smart she is every day! It’s nice to hear from other people too!

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