I meant to write something about our fun filled weekend, yesterday. At 11 the IT department came over and said they were giving us new computers, wouldn’t take long at all. 5 hours later, i had my work station back! What did I do all day? Nothing really. Haha, I told my boss I could either sit around and do nothing and get paid or run in to town and get some errands done, he chose the latter. =)
This past weekend was AWESOME! On Friday Ella and I met up with some good friends and rode the Georgetown Loop Railroad. Ella loved it! (Excuse the picture quality, my charger is still MIA so I had to use the old Point .and. Shoot until my new one arrived yesterday!)

Waiting for the train
All Aboard!

The scenery was GORGEOUS!

There were some cool old trains off to the side of the tracks.

Going under the old Trestle that we’d just gone over was amazing!

And we even got a picture with the Conductor!
It was a gorgeous Day and perfect for just being outside and taking in the day! After our train ride we headed to the Silverthorne Outlets and did a little shopping and headed home. It was a LONG day for Ella. After we got home we went over to some friends house for a Winter Solstice party and stayed until about 9, Ella had a BLAST running around with all the other kids. She had so much fun that she slept until 8:45 Saturday morning! Unheard of!
Since Saturday was another beautiful day we had plans of going to walk a 10K to raise money for our friend Beth who was injured a few weeks ago. (Prayer request at the bottom) With Ella sleeping so late, that was pretty much out of the question, we’d already missed registration. So, we went to breakfast and then out for a hike of our own, which mainly consisted of finding the biggest rocks possible, and climbing them.

Then, we checked out the water some and it was time to head back towards the car, Ella was getting Sleepy, quick!

We kept the rest of Saturday low key since Sunday was going to be another long day.
We got up at 8 (thank you Ella) and headed down to Denver to go to the Just.Between.Friends Sale. We picked up a lot of winter clothes for both girls and some baby items that we didn’t have anymore and a few books and got a great deal. The only down side was checking out, we waited in line for 40 minutes, it was like herding cattle! They were not prepared for the number of people that came. The crazy thing was how insane some of these women were, you’d see people with Flat bed carts loaded with boxes full of stuff AND rolling racks full of clothes! it was insane. I mean, these people must have spent $1,000 easily! But, if they’d bought retail it would have been several thousand dollars worth of merchandise. Crazy!
Anyway, after the cattle prodding sale we headed to some friends of ours that live in the city for some grilling and some football. Ella had a great time chasing their 2 huge Great Danes around and watching our Colts lose, again! Another exhausting  awesome weekend though and I am so thankful to work a job where I work four 10 hour days and get to spend so much time with my little girl!
Prayer Request* Our friend Beth was white water rafting 3 weeks ago on the Colorado. Just about everyone who does this stretch of the river will jump off of “Jump Rock” it’s about a 40 foot drop in to the water and it is amazing! Well, Beth entered the water not quite completely vertical and by the time she swam back to the boat told the people that she was with that she couldn’t feel her feet. When they started to help her in the boat she told them she couldn’t feel her legs either. She is currently paralyzed from the waist down. The Dr.’s are waiting for swelling on her spine to go down to find out wether the damage is permanent or if she will regain feeling and movement. Please send any extra prayers you have to Beth! She’s only 27 and is a Flight Attendant who lives a very high energy lifestyle. We are all praying for the swelling to go down and for a full recovery shortly thereafter! 

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