Oh the weekend.

This weekend, Ella had a blast! We had a play date at our house Friday morning, that then moved to the park, and then moved again to another friends house. By 2 O’clock Ella was zonked and didn’t even make it out of our friends driveway before she was passed out.
Saturday was a low key day. We got rid of the house guest from hell! Finally! Brad and Ella made cupcakes while I napped (glorious!), and Ella immensely enjoyed eating them!

All gone!

We then Jumped. . . . .
And practiced our Stunt riding!

Which continued in to Sunday morning

And then we went over to a friends house and watched Football the rest of the day. =)
Brad and I also tackled our first, and most likely last, vinyl wall art project.
And it’s crooked! Grrr. . . . .
And that was just about our whole weekend! Fun times!
As of tomorrow I am 20 weeks pregnant and we have our BIG ultrasound! So, if you have any last minute votes, get them in! You have until midnight tonight! As of right now, the Boys have it!

2 thoughts on “Oh the weekend.

  1. I am thinking another girl for some reason. Good luck tomorrow!Oh and I am in Denver next week but I am pretty sure that you said your day off was Friday and I will be working all day and then leaving for the airport around 1:30. Do you have any other day off besides Friday?

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