My Little Girl!

Notice I didn’t say Baby Girl, I said big girl. She will tell you all the time that she is a big girl! Too cute!
Ella has done a few things this week that I do not want to forget!

  • She is a social butterfly, she sees her friends and she wants to be with them. Just this morning I went to drop her off at school (Monday was a dramatic drop off) and one of her friends was upset when she got there. She had me put her down, said “Mommy, milk please” (unheard of! She usually screams “Milky Milky Milky”), went and sat by him and just started talking to him. He perked right up and they were off playing in no time. So cute!
  • Ella is obsessed, I mean OBSESSED, with Band.aids. If she sees one, she immediately says “Owie” and hands you the band .aid to open for her and she will put it somewhere on her owie. Well, I always ask if she needs kisses for her owies and she always gives me an enthusiastic Yes! Well, for the past week or so she will take off her band aid and put it on mommies arm and then say “Kiss” and will kiss my owie. OMG, I melt a little when she does this!
  • She has totally gotten the concept that there is a baby in my belly. She ran up the other day out of nowhere and wanted in my lap. I pulled her up in my lap and she put her hands on my crotch lower belly and said “Hi Baby!” and then rested her head on my tummy. OMG, I melted a LOT on this one.
  • We got a random catalog in the mail the other day for kids stuff, she saw it and started flipping through and there was a picture of a kid in a Elmo costume (the obsession lives on!). She started pointing “Mommy, Elmo! Elmo! Elmo!” going on and on. I told her we already had her costume and weren’t going to spend another $40 on an Elmo one. She wanted to see her costume, and well, here’s a little halloween preview!

My little Cupcake!

One thought on “My Little Girl!

  1. OMG i'm so jealous of your cute SWEET little/big girl! My little/big girl is SOOO in the terrible twos. We don't visit now and then we LIVE in them… DYING!I love the cupcake costume! beyond cute!

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