The Rollercoaster Weekend

Friday started out nice, Ella was in an excellent mood and being super lovey. We went to the park and played for a bit, got our grocery shopping done, and then it was time to take Cassidy to the vet. Our almost 10 year old lab mix had a lump on her hip and we wanted to make sure of what it was, fingers were crossed that it was another “Fatty Cyst”.
We got there and as soon as the Dr. touched her she was on the floor whining, my heart sank. He said he wanted to do a couple of pokes to see what came out of it, if it was a clear oily substance we were in the clear and it was just a large fatty cyst, anything else wasn’t a positive sign. Ella did NOT like when he brought needles towards Cassidy so I had to distract her but before I even saw what was in the syringe I heard him say “This doesn’t feel good” and my heart sank even more. I looked over to see blood in the syringe and he said it’s absolutely a muscley tissue not a cyst. So, Cassidy has a tumor. We now have a few options. 1. Do nothing. He said it would at least double in size within 6 months to a year. 2. Cut it out and see if it grows back. 3. Cut it out and send it down to be biopsied to see if it’s Benign or Malignant. He did say we’ve been excellent customers ever since Cassidy was a puppy and he would try to keep costs as low as possible for us no matter what route we chose to go. The worst part was having to call Brad and tell him all of this, he’s kind of in denial, it was miserable.
So, needless to say, the 2nd half of Friday was pretty much a downer. Saturday, we really didn’t do much, we went out for breakfast and played a little bit at home, then Brad and Ella each took 3 hour naps while I caught up on my trash TV. Ha! That literally summed up our Saturday.
Sunday was 9/11. Brad and I were glued to the TV in the morning watching the memorial services and I just cried. We had to get out of the house so we went on a couple of nice trail walks and then grabbed some lunch before coming home for Ella (and Brad) to nap. I had to head in to work for a bit to make up some hours but then came home and we were just able to play. Brad and I recorded the documentary “9/11 10 Years Later” to watch after Ella had gone to bed. It was amazing! So much footage from inside the buildings and to hear what these firefighters are going through now fighting for their lives 10 years later because of early onset cancers from breathing in all of the toxins at ground zero. It was gut wrenching to watch but absolutely amazing. I thank God every day for being born in a country that honors freedom for all and can come together after such heart breaking attacks to literally be One Nation Under God.

Here are some pictures and a video from our walk.

And excuse the horrible quality of the video, I forgot my camer so all we had was Brad’s phone.


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