The houseguest from hell!!!!!

So a couple of weeks ago a friend of ours that we work with brought up that he was kenneling his dog while he was out of town for 10 days. Brad, being the nice guy that he is said Save your money, we’d be happy to watch him. (hoping that he’ll also come watch our dogs when we’re home next month!) Well, boy am I ready to murder that dog already!
He was dropped off at our house on Tuesday at about 8 pm. All we knew was that he was a 7 year old blue heeler cross. Blue heeler crossed with a HORSE! this dog is at least 100 lbs. He seems pretty gentle but I was already annoyed with him the first night.
Tuesday Night to Wednesday Morning: Barks intermittently throughout the night and in between bark fests feels the need to come in and lick me SEVERAL different times!
Wednesday during the day: We have to work and it is raining freezing cold rain so he’s inside all day. I come home and head to Ella’s room to start her laundry. He had PEED on her floor!
Wednesday Night/Thursday Morning: The intermittent barking continues, the licking continues, and at 2:45 this morning he decided to PEE on our bedroom floor. I was ready to murder him! I don’t know what we’re going to do if he keeps up like this, it’s ridiculous!
2 Days down, 8 freaking more to go! FML!


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