Our Labor Day in Phone Photos

After that last photo overload, I thought I would post some more. I had to work half of the day yesterday and then we took Mamaw to the airport but we did a couple stops on the way and I captured the best parts on my phone.
We first headed to the actual Big City part of the big city to hit up Snia.grab. Brad wanted to look at skis (pretty disappointed with the selection this year) and some new pants. Well, while he was looking, Ella found some things that she liked as well.


Although she only ended up with a new set of bibs and matching coat, she still had fun toting around skis and trying on helmets. This kid is ready to go this winter!
We then headed out to eat dinner and get Mamaw to the airport in time. When we arrived at the airport Ella wanted to take the easy way to security.

Ha! And once again the poor kid was pretty confused as to why we pick people up in this crowded place, bring them home with us, only to take them back and leave them there a few days later. Poor kid!
And as an AWESOME side note! This kid is totally going for some self led potty training. She’s been doing awesome but yesterday she totally blew me away. I was picked up from work at about 12:30 and we headed down to Denver, Ella napped most of the way there and then we shopped at Snia.grab for a while. She told me she had to go potty and we went in search of the bathrooms, we had to go up a couple levels so it took a couple of minutes to get there, then I had to pee and Ella graciously told me I could go first (sometimes when she says she has to potty, she doesn’t really have to go). Well, when it was her turn, I took her diaper off, dry! And she went potty, and went potty, and went potty! We get her all fixed up continue shopping and then head to dinner. Our first choice was closed for Labor day, and then it ook about another hour to figure out what we wanted, and maneuver Denver to get there. After being at the restaraunt for about 20 minutes, Ella sais she had to go potty. Her diaper was once again DRY and once again she went potty. Then we headed to the airport, aobut 30 minutes from dinner, parked, got inside, Ella said she had to go potty. She went again and her diaper was dry! Then again after an hour and a half drive plus a wal.mart stop on the way home, she went again and had a dry diaper! And then, to totally blow me away, this morning, she had the lightest diaper I’ve felt in a long time and wanted to go again before school. This kid ROCKS at potty training!
Brag over. Haha!


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