The Walks and the Bike

Ella is an outdoor girl through and through. We take “walks” at least 3 times a day. If it’s just Ella and I then our walks consist of me carrying Ella most of the way around the neighborhood with her telling me she wants to walk every little bit, which lasts about 5 seconds. If Brad is with us than it’s the same process but we hand her back and forth instead of me bearing the load the whole time. If we go on a walk with the neighbors then Brad and I get a break because Ella will chase Kasen most of the way around the neighborhood. It’s probably about a half a mile around our loop so not bad, but the bigger I get, the harder it will get.
Well, last Saturday Ella wanted to go on a “walk” but this time she wanted to bring her “bike”.

To say that this added a little time to the walk is the understatement of the year! And her riding her bike turned in to something that resembled this most of the time.

But, she still enjoys riding. =)

 And, did I mention that she is a stunt woman? =)

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