My best prenatal appt. EVER!

Yesterday was amazing! I had a list of questions to ask whatever doctor I was seeing and I felt super confident that the answer to these questions would seriously help me make my decision between trying for a VBAC or choosing to go for the repeat C-section.
When I got to the office I was the last appointment before lunch so it was dead. I went through the usual pee in a cup, weight, blood pressure, and then I had blood drawn for my quad screen. Afterwords I went to my little check up room and was told that midwife B would be right in with me. My heart SANK. B was the midwife who came to visit us the day after Ella was born and pretty much told us we were doing a VBAC with the next one. I wanted my questions answered unbiased so I even thought about hiding my list and just shutting down. When the door opened and I saw that it was P and not B my heart soared and she walked in and gave me a huge hug and just started asking how I was doing, how was Ella, was she excited about the new baby, etc. The appointment took on a whole new tone. We went over my test results from the 1st trimester screening and then she asked me if we’d made any birth time decisions yet about whether to attempt a VBAC or go for the repeat.
I told her honestly that I was scared of the VBAC because I didn’t want to have the same labor experience this time and have this baby go through the same distress that Ella went through. Then I brought up how much more there is to think about this time. We can’t ask our Neighbors to wait for the unexpected call to watch Ella when I go in to labor as they will have a 3 month old at the time and that just isn’t fair to them, so who will watch Ella, what if things go badly again and we’re 2 hours away from the hospital.
My first question for her was: If we do decide to go repeat C-section, how will that affect breastfeeding/my milk supply since I won’t have the hormones of going through labor?
Her answer was that new babies suck more vigorously than older children, as soon as the new baby starts nursing, my body will be sending cues to itself to start producing milk again.
When I asked about weaning Ella, I said she was almost 19 months old and we were still nursing once a day but I didn’t think I was producing all that much anymore. If Ella didn’t wean herself by 21 months I was going to start weaning her then. She said that even that wasn’t necessary. She was so proud that we had made it this far and if Ella didn’t stop that really there was no need to wean her unless I was just ready. (I will be!) So even though I think she’s this close to weaning herself, I will be weaning her before this new baby makes it’s arrival. But, it was amazing to have some support. I feel like the only support I’ve gotten is from my mom and my sisters in the form of being non judgmental. EVERYONE else feels the need to throw in their comments or what they did and why am I still breastfeeding. Always negative. It was so nice to have someone back me and support my decisions instead of being negative. Breastfeeding is NATURAL people! Let me do what I want to do for my child and keep your comments to yourselves! Tangent over. =)
I then asked her if I had this baby via c-section whether it’s elective or labor gone wrong like last time, that if we decided to have more kids down the line, is that even a possibility anymore after 2 c-sections. Answer, Yes. IF (big if) we decided to have more children it’s totally possible, but then a VBAC would be off the table, it would be automatic c-section.
I then brought up this weird feeling I had gotten on Monday that almost felt like braxton hicks but it wasn’t all over my tummy, I felt no tightning on my belly and it was always in the same location. It was just a strong push/pressure feeling. She said it doesn’t sound like Braxton hicks and she was certain that it was the baby pushing. I was so excited but I said that it felt too high up to be the baby. Well, she felt around for my uterus and it was the baby! I’m about 3 finger widths higher then where I would be if this was my first pregnancy since everything has already done it’s stretching. I knew that the babies movements were getting stronger over the last few days, but boy, this kid is strong for me to be feeling it that much! Now I feel him move every day.
She then listened for the heartbeat which we heard instantly as soon as the doppler touched my belly and she said that with where the heartbeat was she’s thinking it was a hand pushing out on my belly. =)
At the end of the appointment she gave me another hug and said she thought I was doing the right thing for both Ella and I with the extended breastfeeding. She then said not to stress about a delivery method, talk with Brad and make our list of pros and cons for each and we would just know waht was right for us and that it isn’t up to anyone else to know what the right thing is for our family.
I left feeling so empowered and positive that I just went to my car and cried for a minute. I felt like someone was finally listening to me. It was amazing.
Sorry, I know this turned in to a novel but I needed to write it down so I could remember that feeling. I wish my delivery had gone better with Ella so that I could have P there as my midwife for this delivery, for sure.


One thought on “My best prenatal appt. EVER!

  1. I am SO proud of you for considering a VBAC!! You know me and how passionate I am about avoiding a section at all costs. Keep checking out my midwife 101 blog and another one, especially for VBACs to check out is Birth Without Fear. She is actually featuring TONS of mamas who have had 2,3,and even 4 c sections and had home birth or hospital vbacs!! Amazing, really. Which ever way you chose will be best for you. No judgement there, ever. And I'd say it's about time we become FB friends…waduya say? 😉

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