And this is what made me happy. . .

Ha, I haven’t really wanted to eat much this pregnancy. I’ll get about half way through something and be absolutely stuffed, or just not want it anymore. Weird, I know.
Saturday though, I kind of had the house to myself. Brad was in the city at a Rockies game with some friends, and Ella had just gone down for what turned out to be a 3 hour nap! I’d had a craving for this amazing Spinach & Feta spread from a restaurant back home and had bought the ingredients for it the day before, so I got to work.

So that was lunch (I’ll post the recipe at the bottom) But then, what’s a girl to do with a basically empty house and no one around to judge? Why, eta a lunch time dessert of course. =) Remember my no-bake peach cobbler I mentioned in my last Hump Day Bump Day Post? Oh yeah, the Palisade peach guys were up here and you can bet we turned the car around to go get some!

And I might have totally added more whipped cream after I took this picture! It was awesome! So yes, quiet house, and food totally made my Saturday!
That evening after Ella was in bed, I rented “Something Borrowed” it was pretty good, followed the book pretty well. I just hated how happy they made the whole thing seem. Sounds weird huh? Haha

Spinach Feta spread

1- 12 oz container of Feta Crumbles
Large Handful (great measurement huh?!) of baby spinach leaves
1 clove garlic – minced
2-3 Tbsp of Olive oil (for consistency so depends on preference, I like mine a little thicker)

Just throw everything into a food processor and mix until all ingredients are combined and no large chunks of spinach are left.
I spread it on slices of warm pita
This Is Amazing!


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