Rainbows & Birdies & Teeth, Oh My!

*Warning: This post is ALL over the place! Ha! My brain is not working correctly today!*
Friday evening we had a mini storm roll through (maybe 5 minutes long, Maybe!) but it produced some gorgeous rainbows!

Ella’s teeth, oh goodness. We actually seem to be getting off lucky from the horror stories I’ve heard about canines. We didn’t even know she was working on them until her bottom left became so swollen that it’s about to poke through any day. Now the other 3 are starting to swell which has lead to some occasional grumpiness, shorter naps, and some middle of the night fussing. She’s taking it in stride though, a little tyle.nol when she asks for it by telling us her teeth are “owie” and some or.ajel at bed time and she’s my normal happy child 99% of the time. She is a little trooper, hopefully when the other 3 get more swollen and closer to popping through she’ll be as easy to manage as she has been with this first one.
The Winter Park Craft Fair was this weekend and Ella and I went both Saturday and Sunday. Saturday morning my mom was still in town so we just went and walked around for a while but I wasn’t seriously looking, I was trying to keep an eye on where my mom was, trying to keep an eye on where Brad & Ella were, and trying not to eat everything at the dip stand  to sample some of the food goods. On Saturday I fell in LOVE with the most gorgeous necklace I’ve ever seen, I passed the news on to Brad so maybe at Birthday, Christmas, or Baby time it will magically reappear. If and when that happens I will be posting pictures, for now I don’t want to get my hopes up. Haha. Saturday afternoon Ella and I took Ning Ning to the airport to head home. Ella was quite confused when we just left her there and started asking for her when we got to the car. I just told her that Ning Ning had to go back home but we’d see her in a couple of months. Then you Pop some Cinderella in the DVD player and she’s good to go. Haha
Sunday Ella and I went to the craft fair again so we could do some walking and I could actually look around for some things. I wanted to get Ella a Christmas ornament for this year and we found a cute little booth so I told Ella to pick out her favorite. Now, this girl is a girl after my own heart, she came running up to me with an ornament yelling “Horsey, mommy!”

Oh yes, my Child not only picked out a cute rocking horse ornament, she picked out a COLTS rocking horse ornament! Love.It! So we had it personalized and that little guy will adorn our tree this year. We kept walking around and she starts yelling “Birdie, Birdie!” I had no clue what she was talking about so she started pointing at a stand full of stained glass. So, I let her pick out a birdie to bring home because she was smitten!

All 3 days we’ve had him, if we’ve left the house, when we get home she walks to the front windows and says “Hi Ella’s birdie” so stinking cute!
So we’ve had a fun past few days. For the most part, haha.
Brad has had a little problem of chewing tobacco for the last 16 YEARS! Oh yes, exactly half of his life. He finally quit on Sunday and is doing amazing! I’m so very proud of him. But, between his frustration, and agitated pregnant woman, and a teething toddler, it can get a little tense. Ha!
Week 15 pregnancy post tomorrow!


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