Bret Michaels

On Sunday Bret Michaels was playing in Winter Park. ha! Crazy? Yes! But if you think that’s crazy, what if I told you that Warrant and Skid Row played on that stage on Saturday?! Insane, and both shows were FREE! CRAZY!!! I didn’t really have much interest in seeing Bret Michaels but there were a few songs that I wouldn’t have minded hearing. We went to lunch close to the park where he was playing and then let Ella play at the park where the concert was going on. She LOVED it! As we were walking up he was playing “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”, followed immediately by “Talk Dirty To Me” and then “Nothin But  A Good Time” 3 of the songs that I actually wanted to hear. Now, I don’t know why in the world my phone recorded in black and white, and I also have absolutey NO clue why the sound won’t upload to the blog on this video. But, here are Ella & Brad dancing to Nothin but a good time. And, just for the record, I was AMAZED at the sound quality on my phone. Haha!

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