Ella: 18 Months!

Where did my little baby go? How did she get to be 1 1/2 already?!
She is officially in the Toddler room at school now and is doing great over there. She loves being over with the “big kids”!
Her favorite thing in the world is being outside. Going for walks, playing on her slide, going to the park, this kid is an outdoors girl!
She also loves (loves, loves!) Elmo & “Rella” Cinderella.
The past couple of weeks, Ella has been telling us “Potty” and running for the bathroom. 9 times out of 10, she’s serious, we get her diaper off and she will pee in the potty. This morning I was at work getting her ready to take to school and she says “Mommy, potty!” So I take her upstairs, get her pants off and hold her on the big potty, she went! JUST 18 months and she is almost a pro. I talked to her teacher this morning and they are going to start offering to take her to the potty like we do at home, and I had a little talk with Ella and told her that if she needs to go, tell someone and they’ll take her. I’m kind of nervous since she doesn’t know the Toddler room teachers all that well yet, but the kid knows when she has to go. So proud! We didn’t want to push her on potty training so it is amazing that she is doing this well on her own. Time to start training!
She has her 18 month Well visit this Friday so I’ll know her stats then but we’ve been weighing her at home and she is right around 20 lbs, still my little peanut. She is such a good eater, sometimes, and then other days she’s like a bird and just picks at things and tells you she’s all done.
She has an amazing vocabulary, I don’t even know if I can remember all of her new words to be able to count how many she has but it’s like she’s just exploded in the last couple of months. Her new favorite word is fork, but unfortunately, that’s not what it comes out sounding like. Haha. For the last 6 weeks or so she has been stringing words together in to sentences, mostly 2 & 3 but sometimes 4 word sentences. Love this kid.
There is no way I could ever write down everything that she is doing, saying, loving, hating. She is the most amazing kid and I’m so blessed that she’s mine!
Here are some little pictures of my princess:

Love this kid!


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