Free Family Fun Fest

Ella had an EXCELLENT time on Saturday at the fun fest. She ran around, and bounced, and rode on things, and wore herself out! She had so much fun and it was so much fun watching her! Plus, there was a nice summer breeze blowing the whole time so the heat didn’t bother me, woo hoo!

She played on the bouncy house slide, for seriously 2 1/2 hours! Every time she want down, when she would stand up she would hold up her little finger and say “1 more time” too cute! Reall,y every time!

She learned that she LOVES walking through the grass barefoot. If you tried to put her shoes back on, she would throw a fit! Ah, if only we could sod our lawn with nice soft grass!

She got to take a ride in a 1930 fire truck that our Fire Department has been restoring, she LOVED the siren. It wasn’t too loud and every time it would go off she’d go “Woo!”

She turned down a trip up in the fire truck boom, she did enjoy watching other people go up in it though. And then, after quite a few more trips down the bouncy house slide. . . . . .

she learned just how awesome it is, to eat sherbert, sitting barefoot in the sun. Love!
And then she was out for a 2 1/2 hour nap before we even got home. Haha! Great day!


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