One amazing day!

Yesterday morning started later than normal, Ella let us sleep until 7:15! Woo Hoo!
We got up, got ready for the day and drove down to Empire to go to the Original Hard.Rock.Cafe for breakfast. I was a little bummed that they had changed their menu and removed my favorite item, but I did indulge in a ham, mushroom, and cheese omelet. yum! (Yesterday was definitely a day of food indulgences!)
We then continued on our way to Denver to run some errands before going to the Dr. 12:30 came so quickly and before we knew it, it was 1, our paperwork was filled out, and we were walking over to L & D for our ultrasound! We were all just mesmerized by the little baby that popped up on the screen. Ella again didn’t like people touching me, but we got her to concentrate on the baby. The u/s went beautifully.
A “normal” Nuchal Translucency measurement is anything less than 3mm, our measurement came in at 1.08mm. Woo Hoo! Baby Dos was measuring in  at 12 weeks 4 days (we were exactly 12 weeks yesterday), a 6.06cm crown-to-rump length which puts this baby in the 87th percentile. And a heart rate of 169 bpm. Ella’s heart rate at this same time, same appointment, was 171 bpm. I think we have another little girl in there! Brad has said since the day I told him I was pregnant that this was a girl!
Anyway, on to the photos of the bean. Sorry for the horrible pictures of pictures!

Head to the right, hands folded over chest.

Head to the right, spine along the top.

Heart Rate 169 bpm

Head, top right, curled up with a long leg!

After the u/s appointment I had to go get my finger poked for the blood part of the appointment and I should have my results in 3-4 days. I was kind of mad at myself as I hadn’t been drinking enough on the way down so we didn’t get the best pictures. Oh well, only 2 more months until we get to see the baby again!
After the appointments were done we headed to the Blue.Bonnet for lunch, love this place. Anyone who lives close enough to Denver to head here, GO! Best Mexican food ever! (In America!) It’s basically at Broadway & Alameda, yum! We ran some more errands after this, an REI trip, and the need to get my hair cut (by a CRAZY lady!) which took forever. Then we met up with some friends for dinner (trust me, a lot of time had actually lapsed and I was starving!) So, we went to this place called Ernie’s Bar & Pizzaria, yum! Delicious (can you tell I’m pregnant by the way I’m talking ridiculously about food?!) Also, a place I would reccomend, not pricey and one of the best Margherita Pizzas I’ve had in a while. I had a whole 10″ pizza myself!
Then it took forever to get home through torrential downpour but it was a great day! Now after my work week of, Monday 1/2 day, Tuesday, whole Day, Wednesday Off, Thursday Full Day. I’m off for my weekend! haha!
Free Family Fun Fest this weekend! Woo Hoo! 


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