Catch up & the sweetest sound

I love weekends in the summer, I get a day alone with Ella and I get to see my husband since I’m not competing with snow!
Friday; Ella and I went to our friend Keaton’s birthday party. Ella had an AWESOME time. She got to play with squirt guns, eat cake & ice cream, smack a pinata (which she was very unsure of until her turn was over, then she REALLY wanted to do it again!), she had a blast!

She stayed up 3 hours past her usual nap time, I had BARELY started the car before I looked back and she was passed out, she then took a 3 hour nap, amazing!
Saturday we just had a family day, got up when we wanted to, went out to breakfast, and then we went to the Alpine Art Fair. I love wandering around and looking at all of the creative things people make. The one booth that really caught my eye was all of the metal work. I couldn’t afford most of what was being offered, but I loved the look of these butterflies!

Here you can see the coloring a little better with some natural lighting (didn’t think to take a picture until this morning on the way to work!)

The guy who makes them is from Oklahoma and he traveled up to Winter Park for this art show. He started out making butterflies in 1974 before he branched out to more things, he stopped making the butterflies about 10 years ago and just this year started making them again. I love them!
Sunday was just a lazy day, we took a few walks, came up to the resort so that we could get Ella’s dependant pass so that she can do all of the resort activites with her class at school!

Ahhhhh! Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?! Totally going in her memory box after this summer. My little monkeys first season pass! And she was so proud, after they printed it out she automatically wasn’t shy anymore. She took her pass and wanted to walk with it, and the kid knew where she was going, she wanted to go straight to the bouncy house! Love it!
Yesterday was an awesome day! I only had to work until 1 (always makes it great when it’s a short work day. Ha!) and then Brad and Ella came to meet me to head to our Dr.’s appointment. We had to wait FOREVER so El was a little grumpy by the time we were ushered into an even smaller space with no toys. The Dr. came in quickly though and got straight to it. Answering questions, feeling around on the belly (Ella screamed “No!” as soon as he touched me, ha!) then when he smeared the doppler goo on my belly “No, Mommy! No! No!” omg it was so funny, she was worried about Mommy. I can’t wait for her reaction at the u/s tomorrow! Anyway, about 10 seconds after the doppler hit my belly there was the best sound in the world, woosh-woosh-woosh-woosh! Amazing! And then when we asked Ella if she could hear the baby, she just got a huge smile on her face, adorable! The Dr. then brought up that at my next appointment it’s the 16 week blood draw so make sure to be super hydrated (I have horribly small, hard to locate veins), and then the appointment after that is the Fetal Anatomy u/s! insane!
After the appointment we went to Tommyknockers and I FINALLY got my Fish & Chips. Totally worth the 3 week wait. =) It was heaven.
Now I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s appointment (we’re taking the whole day off and making a family day of it in the big city!) and then this weekend is the “Free Family Fun Fest” (If anyone lives in driving distance of WP and wants to head up, there are details at I can’t tell you how good the details are because of course it’s blocked from work! But it sounds like a good time for kids!) so we’re going to take Ella there, they say on the radio there will be touch a truck (Fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars), bouncy houses, inflatable games, face painting, the list goes on. Ella’s going to love it! Hope everyone has a good week! Hump Day Bump Day tomorrow! 12 weeks already, crazy!


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