Just a little something. . . .

That I don’t want to forget.
Ella is ALL about Elmo. She wakes up in the morning and when you go in to get her, whichever parent didn’t get her, she asks for. Followed by “Elmo?!” then all day long, as soon as she’s bored with an Activity, “Elmo!” She just wants to watch him ALL. the. time.
Well, one of her favorite videos is the “Kids Favorite Songs” where Elmo does a Top 10 Countdown. She loves listening to him count. So, we’ve been working on counting with her, it goes something like this:
Me: One
Ella: Two
Me: Three
Ella: Two (Small Giggle)
Me: Four
Ella: Two (larger giggle)

I’m sure you get the idea, she LOVES the number 2, and the higher you count, the more she says it. The more she says it, the harder she laughs, it is ADORABLE!


One thought on “Just a little something. . . .

  1. OM Ella and Kinsley are twins. K is OBSESSED with Elmo and Two. We'll count walking down the stairs and most the time the only number K will say is two. Step one is TWO, step 4 is TWO. lol so cute!

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