A fun weekend

This weekend was quite low key and relaxing. Friday night we did dinner with our neighbors and made some last minute plans to go camping, rain or shine. Well, we got both rain & shine but it was an awesome time.

Ella LOVED playing Cornhole.

We ate some dinner cooked 100% over an open flame (just makes things taste better)

Then we let Ella & Kasen ride their 4-wheelers, does it look like they had fun?

And yes, Kasen wanted to trade so he’d have the pink one. Haha
After a couple hours (oh yes) of 4-wheelers and running around like crazies, it was bed time.
The next morning though, those 2 were back at it.

 Kasen: “Hey Rachel, take my picture like this!”

 “Now take my picture like this!”

 Kasen: “Rachel, take a picture of the clouds.” Me: Kasen, there aren’t many clouds to take pictures of.” Kasen: “Well, take a picture of up.” Okay, here’s up.

 Oh yes, a good time was had by all. Sunday morning we were all pooped. We made it home about noon and Ella went down for a nap, so did Brad. So, I got the chance to go see the new Harry Potter. LOVED. IT. I must admit, I shed a few tears, even if I hadn’t read the books and known what was coming, I still would have shed a few tears because there were some sad parts, and I am admittedly, a cryer. But, I did not turn in to a bawling, snorting, mess like this one woman in the theatre did. Oh my goodness, craziness. But yes, it was a very good movie. I’m kind of sad it’s over, but it had to happen some time.
So we all had a great weekend and we each got to do things we were looking forward to. Now, I just need a nap to catch up. =)


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