Brutal Weekend!

Phew, thank goodness it’s Monday! (I don’t think I have a fever anymore either, and I just said that!) (Maybe a little TMI in this post for those with weak stomaches! Just being honest!)
We tried Thursday evening to go out for a nice family dinner. As soon as our food arrived, Ella proceeded to vomit all over Brad. Awesome!
She puked the rest of the evening and was just worn out! Friday she was FINE, didn’t want to eat much (understandably) but in perfect spirits. Friday night/Saturday morning I slept on the bathroom floor, I was miserable. And not pregnancy miserable, whatever Ella had the day before miserable.
Brad let me sleep Saturday morning and he took care of Ella, only she puked 3 times in the hour and a half that he was up with her. I was worthless tired and stayed in bed pretty much all day. I survived on sprite and saltines and at dinner time I got daring and had a bowl of fruit loops. Ella was better and keeping food down towards the afternoon so we let her nurse and have a small amount of milk.
Yesterday I’m glad I was feeling a little better because it was just myself and Ella all day long, and boy was it a long day. The kid was pooped from being sick and GRUMPY! I was ready to run away screaming several times. It did get a little better when I would take phone pictures of her and let her look at herself (please excuse the crappy phone quality):

Also, starting last week, Ella does not sleep past 5:30 am and is quite restless all night, I find myself wondering if this is a soft intro into eye teeth. Lord help us! According to this chart from our Pediatricians website, it’s right about time for the teething to start:

And Ella’s been pretty spot on for that timeline! Yikes!
Everyone seems to be feeling better, Ella has still been a grump for Brad today but nothing we can’t survive! Hopefully the next few days just keep getting better!


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