I finally got a hold of the Dr. yesterday and Ella tested positive for a UTI. Although, this time they didn’t sound like it was that big of a deal. “Kids at this age sometimes get them because hands go everywhere during diaper changes, hard to keep them out”, etc. So I guess now we have to do a follow up urine sample in about a week once she’s off the antibiotics for a few days just to make sure it’s out of her system and then it sounds like we’re done.
She said they aren’t worried unless she gets them frequently from here on out, so just clean her well during diaper changes and keep her hands away from down there during diaper changes.
RELIEF! It sucks that it was positive but it’s also a relief that it isn’t as much follow up as they were making it out to be last week!


One thought on “Positive

  1. So glad to see Ella is doing better! I bet that must have been so uncomfortable for her! Logan is feeling lots better…still a cough but nothing serious. Thanks for checking in. Come to FC and we can go to the farm together! 😉

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