Quick Ella Update. . . . .Prayers Please!

I took Ella to the Dr. yesterday and what I thought would be a quick appointment turned in to 2 1/2 hours! We went in and they said that the vommiting and diarrhea is just a viral infection and it will work it’s way out, they thought there was something more to it though and wanted a urine sample. After and hour and a half with a catch bag on she finally peed, but had pooped also which contaminated the sample. So, they had to cath my poor baby girl for a clean sample. In the meantime, while we were there she had already thrown up (first time since Sunday!) and was just plain exhausted. They got the clean sample and there were Nitrites or Nitrates (I cannot remember what they said) which leads them to believe that she has a urinary tract infection. So the sample is being sent off to a lab for further testing to see if that’s what it really is. While we’re waiting for the official results they’re treating her with antibiotics for a UTI. She ate half a cup of yogurt last night and a whole cup this morning which is the most she’s eaten since Sunday morning! So we’re moving in the right direction that she’f finally getting some food in her.
Any prayers would be greatly appreciated that the test at the office was a fluke and there is no UTI would be greatly appreciated! I’ll update again when I know more.


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