Father’s Day

Was definitley unforgettable for us this year!
Ella let us sleep in until 8:30 (3rd day in a row!) and then we got up and cooked breakfast. Well, Daddy cooked breakfast. =) We then gave Daddy his gift (he already got his Grill so we did a little photography project for him)

Don’t worry, the actual finished product had cropped photos!
It was beautiful outside so we played outside for a while and then ran some errands. By this time it was time for Ella’s nap, she took a 2 1/2 hour nap, and then things went WAY downhill. Brad heard her making some noises so I went in to get her. Instead of smiling and standing up with her arms reached out to me, she just laid there with a pitiful look on her face! I picked her up and wrapped her in her blanket and she just laid her head on my shoulder and whined. We went out to the living room and she sat on my lap and started squirming, then it happened. She puked all over both of us. I was trying not to puke, Brad was trying to clean us up enough to be able to move to the bathtub and he kept gagging, it was horrible. And the whole time Ella was so scared by what had just happened that she just cried and wanted to rest on me. Ella and I took a bath and then 20 minutes later, it happened again, also while she was sitting on me, covering us both again. We got her all cleaned up and just let her stay in her PJ’s the rest of the day, I believe she was in bed by 6:30 last night. She was up constantly last night and threw up once during the night. She didn’t have a fever yesterday but was a little elevated this morning. Unfortunately I had to work today so Brad is home with her now, she hasn’t thrown up today and her fever broke. I’m just not getting as many updates as I would like. In order to get some liquid in to her last night she got a popsicle, she loved it. She’s had popsicles before but never the ones on a stick, she thought she was so cool. Went and sat in an old bouncy seat and just ate her popsicle.

So yes, an interesting day was had, we got through Ella’s first puking experience. A little tired, but we survived. Hopefully it’s out of her system now and she’s back to my happy little girl in no time!


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