Mid way Sneak Peak!

Well, as of tomorrow we are half way through our time at home. We have survived tornado warnings, watched other people around us not so fortunate, and in non weather related news, we;ve been having a blast!
The weather has been gorgeous for the most part and when tonado warnings aren’t in abundance, it has been HOT! I love it. I think I’m the only person on the face of the planet that actually looks forward to coming home to heat and humidity.
We’ve been hanging out with family, taking trips to the park, lunches and dinners with friends at restaurants that I miss ridiculously, oh yeah. And we went to the Indy 500! (Awesome! A post in and of itself!)
Here are a couple of pictures so far and look forward to lots of posts in a couple of weeks as I get back back home and back on track. (Don’t think my Op LTL goals of maintaining are going to happen. =) )

Going down the bouncy slide with Aunt Sara

Playing at the park with Aunt Faythe & Aunt Kati.

The walk to the car after the 500.

Ella loves the grass on her feet! In between trips into the pool of course!

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