Ella, Ella, Ella

So, when you read this, Ella and I will be on a plane on our way to Indiana to visit our family back there for 4 whole weeks!
I just wanted to get some photos up for everyone to enjoy while I’m gone. I’m sure my blogging will be sporadic at best.
So, last Wednesday, Brad took my car down to the big city to get my windshield replaced (thank goodness!) While waiting for everything to be done, he ran some errands. He called me all excited because he had found some clothes at Target for Ella, on clearance. When he showed them to her that night, she wanted to put them on. All of them. At the same time.

Oh yes, that is a dress, over a jacket, over a skirt, over her clothes for the day. =) My little fashionista.
Then she wanted to take pictures.

Not too bed, eh? But next she wanted to pose for pictures, in her beautiful outfit, with Mommy and Daddy.

(Yes, I realize my bangs are outta control. I will be rectifying that situation shortly!) And then, she was off to play!

On Saturday, she found a headband that her Ning Ning had sent her last year in her Easter basket, can you tell she LOVED it this year?!

And for comparison sake, here she is a year ago.

And my last photo for the day; Saint Ella. Or, Obi Wan Ella, take your pick. =)

(Please excuse the mess, this photo was taken right after Saint Ella Hurricane Ella Hit!)

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