Operation: LTL Week 6

6 Weeks down and the weight keeps coming off! I am pretty nervous for weeks 7 through 10. Why? because tomorrow morning Ella and I fly out to go home for 4 weeks! I am so excited about going home and visiting everyone, but nervous about being around all of my favorite places to eat. (Looked it up on myfitnesspal.com a frisco melt and small cheese fries, 1100 calories! Gulp!) I’m gonna have some sweating to do while I’m home if I’m going to even maintain my weight that I’m at now! Not to mention, does anyone at home have a scale I can hop on from week to week to see where I’m at? =)
Brad is bringing our w.ii with him on the drive home so that I can keep working out even if I don’t make it to Sara’s, I’m going to need it.

Starting weight: 155.4
Week 6 Loss: .8
Total Loss: 8.2

So, this week wasn’t horrible but not amazing. I contribute that all to Saturday. I was doing SO good, then Saturday hit and it was calories galore! McDonald’s for breakfast, pizza hut for lunch, and we grilled out brats for dinner. Woah!
I did bike a total of 21.6 miles but as you can see, the food got the best of that deal. But, a loss is a loss and I’m proud to keep getting closer to my goal!

My goals for the coming week, portion control while at home around these tempting restaurants, and do at least a half an hour of exercise each day.
Wish me luck! Also, prayers for safe travles for my family and I over the next few days would be GREATLY appreciated.


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