Best drop off morning in FOR-EH-VER!

As soon as Ella turned 1, seperation anxiety kicked in BIG time!
I’m dropping Ella off at day care, I try to set her down when we walk in the room, legs come up, there is no setting the child down. I carry her in to the kitchen area to put her food away having to make trips to the fridge because one arm is full of toddler. Repeat this scene when putting her diapers in her cubby.
Able to put Ella down to sign her in and then all heck breaks lose. I either try to kiss her goodbye or hand her off to a teacher; cue the waterworks and screams of “NO Mom mom!”. That’s on a good day, I can usually not hear her anymore by the time the door to the room closes. Well once it was like something straight out of a movie, I get her set down try to put her food away “No mom mom No!”, try to put her diapers away, she wraps her little body around my leg; “No Mom mom No”, the whole time cue the tears and wails. I bend down to detach her from my leg only to have her grasp around my neck screaming and crying the whole time. When one of her teachers finally takes her, an unholy meltdown insued, I could hear her screaming after I’d left the building! Thank goodness that only happened once.
Today was a complete 180 so I hope we’re making progress.
We get to the hallway, she wants down to walk. Walks in her room herself and goes right over to the books and starts reading. I’m able to put her food away and she takes a book over to Miss. B to read to her. I go to put her diapers away and she waves at me as I walk by her. She starts playing with a toy and I walk over to sign her in, she whimpers a little. I say “Ella, Mommy’s gotta go to work” she walks over and gives me a kiss and goes back to playing with her toy. All the teachers in the room were like “Who the heck is this kid and what did you do with Ella?!”
Thank goodness for good days!


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