A Perfect Day & My Strong Girl

Mother’s day was the most perfect day I’ve had in a long time. It started off right with Ella letting us sleep in until 8:15, I needed that. We got up and got dressed and Daddy & Ella took me out to breakfast at my favorite breakfast place. Ella behaved SO well while we were out at breakfast, she even colored me a picture.
After breakfast we went and picked up my Mother’s Day gift, New patio furniture. Well, new in more ways then one, of course we’d just bought it so it was new, but we didn’t have any to begin with so it was very new! I am so excited for all of our outdoor dinners and family time to come!
After Brad picked that up he got home and we got it all set up, about that time Ella woke up from her nap so we went on a walk around the neighborhood together so Brad could have some time without interruptions to put together his grill.
Our short walk turned in to a great play date with the neighbors. Owen & Oliver had just gotten a new swing set/ jungle gym and Ella was more than ready to help them break it in. About an hour and a half later we finally made it home, the grill was all set up.
We went to the grocery store to get some steaks to grill and came home and Brad made me and Ella and amazing dinner and we were able to all eat together on the back deck.

This set came with 6 chairs, lots of good times to be had!

It was the PERFECT day!
While we were out shopping for the patio furniture, Ella fell in love with some chairs of her own! I had wanted to get her one and then we figured we would get one for a friend too, her favorite thing to do is push them around the deck. =)

This morning; Ella had to get her shots from her 15 month appointment. Her ears looked great so now all we have to do is finish out the prescription. (Thank you everyone for the warnings to keep a close eye on her due to the nature of the medicine; she has handled it very well!) Shots went so well, she had to get 3 total and cried while they were being administered. The Dr warned us that this is the worst round pain wise, poor baby. But about 2 seconds after the shots were over she was done crying. I had barely scooped her up, the handed her a basket of stickers to pick one out and she was a happy camper. Until she realized that she wasn’t nursing, she screamed until I got my shirt open for her. LoL, she was more upset that it wasn’t automatic than she was about the shots!

My Operation: LTL post will be tomorrow, I didn’t get a chance to weight this morning. After our gorgeous day outside yesterday I ended up with a wicked sunburn and it is taking it’s toll.


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