Our weekend (only a little late.)

Last Friday we went to the Grand Beginnings Children’s Fair out at the middle school. Ella had a blast running around, looking at all the different exhibits, and playing with the animals. It was and awesome activity to have going on inside since it was SNOWING!

To Me: “Mommom, DUCKS!!!!” To the ducks: “Quack, QUACK! ROAR!!!”

She LOVED this goat!

So did Kasen.

They both loved fishing, and after you caught a fish you got to pick out a prize. There were sparkly bracelets, bookmarks, pencils, crayons, bouncy balls. What does my little girl pick out? A football pencil! Love it!
Ella was amazed by Smokey The Bear. He even got a high 5 before she realized how close she’d gotten to him and that she’d actually touched him. Then she freaked!

Then everything was fine, because there were baby bunnies that needed some attention. . . . .
And another trip by the goat!
And a trip to the photo booth!
We had an awesome time at the Children’s fair, Ella made out like a bandit at the booth sponsored by the library. Each child was allowed to pick out a book to keep, since Ella wanted to sit there and read books all morning, they let her take two! I love that she loves reading!
We can’t wait for next year!

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