The 15 month appointment, well part 1 anyway

This morning was Ella’s 15 month Well Check.
Since this was a Well Check we were back to naked weigh in’s, so Ella clocked in at a whopping 18lbs. 4 oz, or the 2nd percentile. She is 29 1/2 inches, 23rd percentile, and has a head circumfrence of 18.5 inches, 81st percentile. They were worried about her weight gain until I told her that myself and all of my siblings we super small, and look how great we turned out!
Well, they aren’t concerned anymore knowing that it’s a family history, bu they still want to see her bulk up a bit so we are making the switch from whole milk to Pediasure until her 18 month appointment and see where that puts her.
She was a screamy mess when anyone besides me or Brad was trying to touch her, it was heart breaking! During their checks we found out that she has a double ear infection. She checked the first ear, not good, checked the 2nd ear, even worse. They’re guessing it never cleared fully from the last time so they gave her a stronger medicine this time, (Augmentin?) to get it all cleared up. Poor baby!
So why is this part 1? Well, due to the ear infection the didn’t want to give her any shots and make her feel any worse, so Ella goes back in a week for her shots and to make sure the medicine is doing it’s job. They said developmentally she is way ahead of the curve, she was super impressed with Ella’s vocabulary and motor skills, the just want her to bulk up a bit. Fun! Will update next Monday on how her ears look and how the shots go!


2 thoughts on “The 15 month appointment, well part 1 anyway

  1. Peanut! She is such a doll! And I'm not sure if they told you but that med can be harsh on the stomach. Both my mom and I have high sensitivities to it so we steer clear. Hope she gets to feeling better soon!

  2. ASK FOR A SWITCH ON THE MEDS!!!They put Aidie on that and it just made her worse. She was so sick. Puking and diarrhea. It was horrible. It didn't stop until she went off of it. Apparently they are really common issues. Keep an eye on her close if nothing else. From one mommy to another, that stuff is bad news…

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