Operation: LTL Week 4

Wow, I’m at a full month already! I feel amazing & I have lots of numbers for you today!!!!
Well I have officially hit my first goal! I am in the 140’s!!!

Starting weight: 155.4
Week 4 Loss: 1.4
Total Loss: 6.0

                             Starting:                                  5/2/11:                     Inches Lost:
  Bust:                  38.5 inches                              37.5  inches                1 Inch
  Waist:                34 inches                                 33.5 inches                 .5 inches
  Stomach:            41.5 inches                             39.5 inches                  2 inches!!!
  Hips:                  43.5 inches                             42.5 inches                  1 inch
  Thigh:                24.25 inches                           22.5 inches                   1.75 inches!!
  Arm:                  12 inches                                11.5 inches                   .5 inches

Total inches lost: 6.75 inches!!!

So excited! I was really NOT looking forward to getting on the scale this morning. Last Sunday was Easter so I had some wine and ate lots of good fattening food. Then I woke up on Monday feeling horrible, head stuffy, could not breathe, horrible. I felt that way most of the week so I rode my bike for a grand total of 3 1/4 miles all week. My saving grace was that I was finally able to get to the post office to pick up our Easter box from my mom which contained Just Dance 2, so I was able to dance on Saturday and Sunday when I was feeling better. I was doing the “Just Sweat” version and was able to dance off a thousand calories a day. Love it! And it’s so much fun!
Yesterday I finally got the jogging stroller all assembled but it snowed off and on all day, no way was I taking Ella out in that, it was freezing! The clouds are breaking today and it’s supposed to be nicer for a couple days (of course since today is Monday!).
My goals for this week are to continue eating healthy, to “Just Dance” every day, and get back my endurance on the bike after missing a full week!
Goal # 2 (130’s) here I come!
And I have decided that my reward for meeting goal #1 is my jogging stroller, no need to spend money on anything else!
To all of my weight loss friends, hope you’re feeling as motivated as I am to stay healthy and on track!       


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